Guacamania: Why Avocado Lovers Should Head to This Beach Resort in Mexico
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Guacamania: Why Avocado Lovers Should Head to This Beach Resort in Mexico

If you’re a millennial, chances are your favorite food centers around the humble avocado. From crunchy, creamy toast to flavorful guacamole, this bright green fruit (yes, fruit!) makes an appearance in many an Instagrammable dish.

But just how far will your love of avocados take you? If you’re truly devoted to this savory, delicious and ultra-healthy food, you’ll want to attend Guacamania—a festival in Mexico dedicated to all things avocado.


Courtesy of Velas Resorts

Guacamania at Velas Resorts in Mexico

Taking place at Mexico’s Velas Resorts, Guacamania is a month-long event that showcases avocados in food, spa treatments, cocktails and more. There are Velas Resorts in Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, so the avocado obsessed can choose from a variety of places on their avocado pilgrimage. The festival experience is slated for September, but guests who come through the end of the year can still indulge in Guacamania specials on request.


Courtesy of Velas Resorts

Because avocados stem from Mexican heritage, this colorful country is the perfect vacation spot for avocado enthusiasts celebrating their love of the fruit’s buttery, creamy goodness. In fact, for avocado lovers who want to dive into the origins and significance of their favorite food, an avocado specialist will be on hand at the resort sharing his knowledge of the fruit’s history and deep-rooted traditions in Mexico. He’ll also teach on-site classes and share techniques that help visitors to better incorporate the ingredient at home.

What to Expect at Guacamania

Check into a Velas Resort and enjoy a refreshing avocado welcome drink upon arrival. Then, head to the spa for relaxing treatments that utilize the healing benefits of the avocado. The fruit will be incorporated into skin scrubs, massages, body wraps and hair treatments, so you can quite literally coat yourself in avocado from head to toe in between bouts of feasting on avocado-themed delights. Too much? Never enough.


Courtesy of Velas Resorts

Culinary highlights of Guacamania include house-made guacamole buffets, an avocado chocolate awaiting you as part of the nightly turndown service, poolside avocado smoothies and popsicles, and more. The fruit will even appear as a funky addition to all kinds of other meals—atop sashimi or pizza, in gazpacho, mixed into BBQ and even smoothed into creamy macaroons. At Guacamania, you don’t have to endure a single meal without the welcome presence of an avocado in some form or another.


Courtesy of Velas Resorts

In fact, even drinkable avocados are on the menu. Care to see green as you imbibe? Resort mixologists provide the perfect way to wash down the creative avocado concoctions you sample: with craft cocktails centered around avocados, of course. Their creations play upon the flavors of the avocado and result in surprisingly delicious and unexpected variations on the traditional tipple.


Courtesy of Velas Resorts

From savory dishes to nourishing hair treatments, avocados really can do it all. If you consider yourself crazy for avocados, book a trip to Mexico for total avocado overload.

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