Discovering the Magic of the Yucatán at Chablé Resort & Spa

Discovering the Magic of the Yucatán at Chablé Resort & Spa

Nestled in the Yucatán jungle, just outside of a rustic Mexican town named Chocholá, is a secluded new hideout soon to be the serene wintertime refuge for celebrities and other elite clientele. Behind two natural wooden, and seemingly unobtrusive gates, up a long perfectly manicured winding driveway, lies a tranquil oasis on what was once a sprawling 19th-century hacienda, or estate.


Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

An expansive green lawn is framed by traditional Spanish American abodes painted deep shades of red and rust, enchanting woven chairs float amidst large trees alive with singing birds, and blissfully happy strangers ride through the grounds on bicycles with absolutely nowhere to be. Welcome to Chablé Resort & Spa.


Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

World-Class Design at Chablé Resort & Spa

The design is notable here. There’s an attention to detail that is tangible, and at every corner, your eyes will feast on the sublime design elements harmoniously synchronizing indigenous history and modern amenities. It’s almost celestial how ancient Mayan ruins and original dark exposed beams melt with luxe contemporary furniture and clean white textured linens.

the-ruins at-Chable

Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

Quietly elegant, Chablé has modestly received kudos from some of the world’s most recognized and esteemed design awards, most recently, the 2018 Prix Versailles award, a designation awarded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Union of Architects.


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The Accommodations at Chablé Resort & Spa

It’s not just the exterior and grounds that deserve praise though, tucked along pathways leading through lush tropical gardens are 38 freestanding casitas. Stone walls make way for floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the jungle, and large sliding wood plantation-style shutters open to a private terrace and pool. The interior design is effortlessly cool and inexorably luxe with indoor-outdoor showers, chiseled stone sinks and eclectic decor.


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The casitas are just the beginning when it comes to the accommodations here. The Royal and Presidential villas are otherworldly homes on the property. In keeping with the resort’s history, these decadent dwellings feature original Mayan-built walls and swimming pools built around ancient ruins.


Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

Inside, you’ll find lush decorations and comfortable living arrangements with all the amenities, including a private massage room and gym. There’s no need to leave either, couples and families can hideout here and be attended to by the ever so gracious and hospitable Chablé staff.


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Dining at Chablé Resort & Spa

Another delight to the senses are the award-winning culinary creations at Chablé Resort & Spa. Ixi’im is a visionary restaurant with palate pleasing and unique fine dining dishes. Chef Luis Ronzon sources the menu with fresh and indigenous produce from the gardens on the grounds. His seven course menu is a sophisticated play on traditional Yucatán cuisine, and his elevated pairings and simple ingredients are the markings of a truly talented chef.


Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

Ix’im is Chef Luis’ muse. When the restaurant was first built, he oversaw the kitchen design and other thoughtful displays, including the more than 3,000 collectible tequila bottles that line the walls of the artfully decorated building. Every accent, touch and taste is a salute to the passion that is Chablé.


Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

All day dining is best suited at Ki’ol, a poolside eatery, an entirely pleasurable way to start and end any day on the property. Enjoy bright fresh fruit, sweet breads, wellness juices and other menu items.


Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

Meals here are sinfully delicious, but leave you feeling light and healthy. Also enjoy a more casual dinner under lantern-filled trees, overlooking a sparkling moonlit pool. Magic.


Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

The Spa Experience at Chablé Resort & Spa

The true meaning of wellness begins and ends with the spiritual journey at Chablé’s spa. Built around an open cenote, the spa pays homage to Mayan traditions with an intention-setting welcome which includes burning sage and ancient chanting in a seashell structure.

The experiences and treatments here are not all physical, they are magical. From Temazcal awakenings to traditional Swedish massages, there is an energy that exudes this space and leaves visitors revitalized and open.


Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

Everything at the spa revolves around the cenote, a highly respected and spiritual sanctuary in Mayan culture. Massage and treatment rooms are set upon a cliff overlooking the lily-pad filled cenote, yoga takes place on a teak platform overlooking the cenote, and the gym, equipped with the most cutting-edge gear, overlooks the cenote.


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For spiritual awakenings and rejuvenations, there is no place quite like the spa at Chablé, which may be why it has ranked among the seven best spas in the world. We recommend the hydrotherapy treatment as a daily ritual throughout your stay.


Courtesy of Chablé Resort & Spa

Service & Hospitality at Chablé Resort & Spa

One cannot visit Chablé Resort & Spa without a mention of the service. Arrive with a handshake, and leave with a hug, as the true magic behind this retreat are the people that pave the way to positivity and happiness. From first greeting, to dining, to private Melipona beekeeping tours (yes, this is a real activity), the staff are respectfully unobtrusive, pre-emptive of your needs, and genuinely hospitable.


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Must-Try Experiences at Chablé Resort & Spa

While some may enjoy just checking in and zoning out at Chablé Resort & Spa, there are several experiences offered here that you must not miss including cooking classes with the Executive Chef, tequila tasting, beekeeping in the Melipona Bee Sanctuary and Barefoot Wellness Golf.


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Every day, there is a menu of complementary wellness activities including yoga, bicycle riding and meditation hosted in the spa, and while the resort has a limited number of exclusive guests, wellness activities are a fond way to connect and socialize with other likeminded visitors.


Courtesy of Chablé Maroma

For the Beach Goer

Chablé Yucatán Resort & Spa also has a sister property located just outside of Cancún named Chablé Maroma. A younger property, this decadent retreat stands true to the Chablé brand with the same whimsical spirituality, only in a pristine, white setting overlooking a quiet stretch of beach.


Courtesy of Chablé Maroma

Operating under a similar layout, Chablé Maroma features a lot of the same design elements, with villas equipped with their own private pools and terraces. Each Chablé property embraces its individuality. This beach-side dwelling plays on the stunning views with rooftop raw bars and infinity pools overlooking the sand. Everything here faces the ocean, and although tranquil and quiet, you can feel that this place is waiting to come alive. Perhaps the more lively and vibrant of the two.

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