Visit the Caribbean AND Europe on This Transatlantic Cruise From Florida
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Visit the Caribbean AND Europe on This Transatlantic Cruise From Florida

If a cruise from Florida to Europe sounds like your ideal way to spend two weeks this summer, you’re in luck: Celebrity Edge by Celebrity Cruises is making its transition from the United States to Europe in order to reposition for a summer and fall filled with cruises around Europe. That 15-night transatlantic journey, dubbed the Trade Winds Transatlantic, is open for bookings by the general public. It’s a unique opportunity to spend a lot of time at sea, enjoying all the amenities of a brand-new, best-in-class ship while stopping in ports as varied as Fort Lauderdale, Bermuda (where you get two days), the Azores islands, Portugal, Spain, France and England.


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Choose the Celebrity Edge for Your Next Vacation

For travelers who want a little more diversity than the traditional Caribbean cruise, this is a great option to visit a variety of destinations while remaining based on one phenomenal ship. Rates start around $2,859 per person, which includes meals and beverages aboard, as most cruises do. Plus, when your cruise is over, you have a European adventure to look forward to, if you so choose.

The same route happens again in reverse when it’s time for the ship to return to Florida. In November, Celebrity Edge will sail from Rome to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and then the Florida-to-Europe sailing will happen again in April 2020.

Celebrity Edge’s Stand-Out Features

Celebrity Edge debuted just last year, in November 2018. The ship set out to redefine luxury cruising and it seems to have accomplished just that: everything’s state-of-the-art and no detail went overlooked. The ship features world-class entertainment, restaurants, lounges and bars, but its most recognizable feature is the Magic Carpet, a bar that extends out over the side of the ship and moves up and down to different levels, parking in a new spot on the regular. No other ship has anything like it.


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

Another standout is Eden, a dining and entertainment experience like no other: the space transforms throughout the day, from a peaceful garden atmosphere during the daytime hours to a sultry, mysterious, forest-inspired club and restaurant at night. Eden has live performances with bizarre woodland fairies and sprites frolicking among the revelers—the experience is utterly transportive.


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

Celebrity Edge Rooms

However, with staterooms like those on Celebrity Edge, you may never want to leave your room. Infinite Veranda rooms offer an indoor-outdoor balcony that can open to the fresh air or close completely to function almost as a sunroom of sorts. It gives cruisers the chance to enjoy an all-weather balcony and relax in the privacy of their own high-tech, high-style stateroom. The gigantic suites are another story entirely: Edge Villas, for example, come with not just ocean views but also two-story windows and a private plunge pool on the veranda.


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

Dining on Celebrity Edge

If you do ever manage to break away from your room, the pool deck, rooftop garden and other outdoor spaces will make your jaw drop. Of course, the restaurants are another draw. You could try a new dish each night at the various complimentary restaurants and still want more when your two-week trip is up!

However, the upgraded restaurants are where the ship really shines. Le Petit Chef, for example, is an interactive 4D dinner-and-show combination. Projections above your table create a movie unfolding right before your eyes, of little cartoon chefs busily preparing each course and competing for whose creation takes top place.

Two weeks on a ship may sound unpleasant to some people, but not on a ship like this—it’s like a floating city of the utmost luxury and indulgence.

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