How to Have a Romantic Beach Getaway With Kids in Tow

How to Have a Romantic Beach Getaway With Kids in Tow

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Before you had kids, beach getaways were innately romantic. Intimate dinners, sunset strolls, and stargazing with your toes in the sand were all things to look forward to — they deepened your affection, ignited flames. and strengthened your connections. Life has changed now that your family has grown, and what was once your romantic beach getaway has now become the setting for strollers and baby sunscreen. You love those little ones like crazy, but don’t let your new reality discourage you from seeking romance on your family getaway. Here’s how you can have that romantic beach getaway with kids in tow:

Opt for a Suite

At some hotels, a suite is simply an extra-large room, so be sure to get the details. A true suite will include a living room and a bedroom, often separated by a door. Once the kiddos are asleep, you can enjoy each other’s company without having to whisper and worry about waking them. Don’t deny yourself the adult time. Not only will you get the romance you crave, you’ll get a better night’s rest without your toddler’s elbow digging into your ribs all night. You’ll thank yourself for it later!

Book a Room With a Patio or Balcony

Maybe you need to retire to the hotel early for the kids’ nap time, or maybe your youngest is feeling under the weather. Whatever the case may be, you might find yourself stuck in the room longer than you would have hoped. Avoid cabin fever and turn up the romance by booking a room with an outdoor space. Patios and balconies are perfect little escapes. Push the outdoor furniture together, wrap a blanket around yourselves, and enjoy a couple of cocktails in front of that gorgeous blue horizon.

Find a Kids’ Club

You’ll definitely want to call ahead for information, but most resorts and hotels have kids’ clubs that offer supervised care and a plethora of fun age-appropriate activities. Don’t feel guilty about leaving the kids — they’ll be having a wonderful time, and you’ll have the freedom to spark up a little romance. Take a dreamy stroll along the beach, enjoy a sweet lunch date, or book a couples spa treatment to set the mood.

Add the Element of Surprise

If you’re looking for romance, add a little mystery to your trip. Keep the kids aware if you want, but blindfold your spouse on the way to a beautiful beach spot. Surprise your husband by taking the little ones to the kids’ club before he wakes up or while he’s in the shower. Don’t tell your wife about the romantic dinner you asked room service to arrange on the balcony; wait for the kids to fall asleep and then cover her eyes while you guide her outside. These little surprises won’t disappoint.

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