15 Beach Gadgets to Revolutionize Your Next Vacation

15 Beach Gadgets to Revolutionize Your Next Vacation


Between snacks, drinks and towels, beach days come with a host of planning and packing so you have everything you need once you’re out on the sand. With technology making such huge leaps in progress, how is it possible that our beach packing lists still consist of the same old things? Well, not anymore. Here’s our list with the most unbelievable, state-of-the-art gadgets to take your beach vacation to the next level.


Sandless Beach Mat

Aren’t you tired of having to wipe all that sticky sand from your food and clothes when all you want to do is sunbathe in peace? Invest in a sandless beach mat and your troubles are over.


Waterproof GoPro

Sharing an underwater snap of that colorful Eagle Ray you spotted on the coral reef can do wonders for your Instagram following. With 10MP photo and 4K video specs, GoPro waterproof cameras are rugged enough for extreme sports and quality enough to capture the moment with ease.


Selfie Drone

Whether you’re alone or don’t want one family member missing from the photo, a pocket-sized selfie drone will take your selfie game to the next level. Capture an aerial view of your ideal beach setup or even floating in the ocean.


Beach Sun Shelter

Were you too late to the beach to get a palapa hut? Just pop up your portable beach sun shelter and relax under the shade.


Beach Towel Bean Bag

Sunbathe like royalty on your own inflatable, waterproof and sandproof beach bean bag. You’re sure to have a few passersby ask about where you got such a sick setup!


Beach Lock Box

There’s no need to worry about your valuables while you’re snorkeling in the open sea. Just secure them in a waterproof lockbox so you can stop worrying and start embracing the moment.


Power Bank With Solar Charger

Now you can recharge your phone and all your devices even on the most remote beaches with a solar power bank. Just let the hot Caribbean sun take care of it.


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you want to throw a spontaneous party or just take your music with you aboard the inflatable mattress, a Bluetooth waterproof speaker is a must for your next beach vacation.


Waterproof Phone Case

This is the quintessential beach gadget everyone should own. A waterproof case keeps your phone safe, while you can still make full use of it in the water and on the beach.


A Remote-Controlled Drinks Butler

Nothing shouts luxury more than your very own remote-controlled water butler. It holds up to five drinks, has room for snacks and can even rotate 360 degrees to make reaching for your drink easier. Sounds like ultimate relaxation to us!


Shark Deterrent Ankle Band

This one is a must-have for the more adventurous travelers. The magnetic shark repellent band keeps sharks at bay while you have fun doing your favorite watersports. It needs no charging and looks quite stylish too.


Sunscreen UV Viewer

We all know the importance of using sunscreen on the beach. But applying correctly is not always as easy as you’d think. This sleek little gadget allows you to detect all the spots you missed; Just connect it to your phone and you’re ready to go.


Metal Detecting Flip-Flops

Fine. We’ll admit this is not the most vital gadget for your beach vacation, but it might be the most fun. These amazing flip-flops let you comb the beach for any interesting finds in the easiest way—all you have to do is walk.


Bite Helper

Time outdoors is easily ruined for those more prone to bug bites or with allergic reactions. A simple, pocket-sized bite helper can make a huge difference. It instantly relieves itch and irritation from those dreaded mosquito bites and it’s rechargeable—a must-have if you’re traveling with kids.


Beer Chiller

The ultimate gadget for beer lovers. No more drinking warm beer or looking for ice to fill your hefty cooler. The Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Vacuum is vacuum-insulated, can be modified to hold a can or bottle and it’s guaranteed to keep your favorite drink frozen for hours. Plus, it comes with a built-in bottle opener.


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