Take A Health Retreat to This Vegetarian Hotel in Puerto Rico
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Take A Health Retreat to This Vegetarian Hotel in Puerto Rico

When it comes maintaining healthy habits, vacation can be an especially hard time, but one hotel in Puerto Rico is actually helping guests stick to their health and wellness routines. The Dreamcatcher boutique hotel is a bohemian retreat just steps from the beach in San Juan. When you stay at this chic getaway, you’ll come back from your vacation feeling better than when you left from their yoga classes, nutritious food and relaxing views.

Bohemian style room with comfy bed in the Dreamcatcher hotel

Courtesy of Andria Mitsakos PR

The Rooms at The Dreamcatcher

A hammock and cozy bed in a bedroom of the Dreamcatcher hotel

Courtesy of Andria Mitsakos PR

Nine rooms and three suites make up this hideaway right in the center of San Juan’s Ocean Park neighborhood, nestled among restaurants, boutiques and surf shops. All rooms have A/C and there’s WiFi throughout the hotel.

The Dreamcatcher is a great option for those looking to have a more local experience than a large resort presents, while still enjoying the amenities of a beach getaway. Founder Sylvia De Marco created a feel with the decor that makes you think you were invited by your coolest artist friend to their island retreat. These rooms will inspire you to write, read and have thoughtful discussions with your traveling companions. Plus, many rooms are adorned with hammocks, but if yours isn’t, there are plenty in the common areas, too! Travelers looking for something for a larger family should check out their new sister project, Tropicalia Village, which is within walking distance.

Beautifully tiled stairs lead up to a room at the Dreamcatcher Hotel

Courtesy of Andria Mitsakos PR

Solo Travelers Take Note

The Glass Cottage at the Dreamcatcher is a room that you won’t want to miss. This room features a loft bed over a couch and coffee table, perfect for one person to cozy up in. When light streams through the colored panes of glass, you will see where the cottage got its name!

A hammock and coffee table with books await a solo traveler through the open door of The Glass Cottage at the Dreamcatcher Hotel Puerto Rico

Courtesy of Andria Mitsakos PR

This room shares a bathroom and outdoor shower with two other rooms. Should you like privacy, the Glass Cottage has plenty of books and a hammock chair to read in, but there’s also opportunity to meet others at yoga or in one of the kitchens.

A chalkboard in the courtyard of the Dreamcatcher lists all of the yoga classes from which guests can choose

Courtesy of Andria Mitsakos PR

Staying Active at The Dreamcatcher

Yoga takes place on a secluded garden deck amidst lush trees and archways.

A large chalkboard on a courtyard wall reads “Yoga Schedule” at the top. In friendly handwriting, this lets you know the different locations (beach or on the garden deck under the stars), instructors and types of class offerings. If you’re new to yoga or shy to try it in a large group, don’t worry. The hotel is so small that depending on who attends, you may be in yoga class with just a few other guests, or even on your own!

Sunny outside kitchen and deck at the Dreamcatcher Hotel

Courtesy of Andria Mitsakos PR

Different tours leave from the Dreamcatcher each day, including waterfall trips, salsa classes, paddleboarding and tarot readings, so it’s easy to stay relaxed while enjoying activities since you don’t have to plan them all yourself. To get a feel of the surrounding area, rent a bike from the Dreamcatcher and cruise around the neighborhood.

Hammock outside courtyard at the Dreamcatcher

Courtesy of Andria Mitsakos PR

La Vie Bohéme

Bohemian style is evident everywhere at the Dreamcatcher and it’s bohemian not just in looks, but in philosophy as well. Sylvia de Marco designed the place with art, beauty and nature in mind. There are plenty of spots to sit, contemplate and converse.

Hammock and outside kitchen at Dreamcatcher

Courtesy of Andria Mitsakos PR

Two communal kitchens offer space to prepare your own meals so you can take advantage of shopping at Puerto Rico’s many outdoor produce stalls. And don’t worry, these are not your college dorm’s kitchens—they’re super bright, organized and clean. Buying your own produce gives you the authentic feel for life in PR and the stalls are literally brimming with nutritious ingredients to make you excited about your healthy eating goals. Not to mention, bananas grow on a tree just a few feet from one of the kitchens!

A selection of juices, water, beer and bottles of champagne is available to grab from a fridge on the honor system—you simply write down your room number and either deposit cash into a piggy bank or charge it to your room at the end.

Kitchen at the Dreamcatcher

Courtesy of Andria Mitsakos PR

Delicious & Nutritious Eats at The Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher is famous for their homemade three-course breakfast/brunch. This brunch is made using locally-sourced organic ingredients and served until 12 pm on weekdays and 1 pm on weekends, so you can take your time. Once you have tried their homemade hemp milk, you’ll be ready to take on the day. Occasional dinners also happen, so ask on arrival! For ideas on what to eat while out and about in San Juan, check out our Guide to Street Food in San Juan.

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