A Daily Dose of Sunshine to Brighten Your Day

A Daily Dose of Sunshine to Brighten Your Day

What is A Daily Dose of Sunshine & Why Should You Sign Up?

A Daily Dose of Sunshine is a light-hearted way to start the day. Each morning at sunrise, you’ll receive a beautiful beach image taken by members of the Beach.com community right to your e-mail. That’s it. No advertisements, no sales pitches, just an easy way to brighten your day first thing. Why should you sign up? Even if you can’t make it to the beach, we’re confident that a small dose of sunshine from your friends around the world will help you start the day off on the right foot.

Here’s to no more rainy days!

Lucky enough to be on the beach? You can contribute your own beach photos, find out how below.

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Why We Created A Daily Dose of Sunshine

The beach bums behind Beach.com are focused on one thing, and that’s inspiring travel to the world’s best beaches. We’re constantly searching for fresh new spots, traveling around the world, testing the top travel tips and engaging with our community to find out just what you’re looking for. Our lives here are pretty rad, but we know that just beyond the waves, there’s a constant stream of politics, bad news and daily duties. That’s why we created A Daily Dose of Sunshine, a daily message that showcases a beautiful beach from around the world, taken by our readers.

girls on bike going surfing

When we think of life’s happiest moments, we think of the beach. Whether it’s the shores of Aruba, or a beach house in South Carolina, we’ve found that our community has one thing in common; your fondest memories were made on the beach. As part of our do good, feel good mission at Beach.com, the bums here are taking your favorite beach memories and sharing them with our readers, giving out a positive dose of sunshine, no matter what you’re going through, so you can start the day a little bit brighter.

How to Sign Up for A Daily Dose of Sunshine

It’s easy to subscribe to get A Daily Dose of Sunshine delivered to your inbox every morning at sunrise. Simply subscribe by providing your email address. The next day, you’ll rise to a beautiful beach picture contributed by a member of the Beach.com community, a lovely wake-up message, and a light-hearted sun pun, because sun’s out, puns out, are we right?

Members of the Beach.com community are invited to submit their favorite beach photos and memories for the chance to brighten someone’s day. Just send an image and description to [email protected].

Stay tuned for more fun and inspirational things from the Beach.com team, we can’t wait to build sandcastles with you.


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