7 Essential Items to Pack for a Weekend in Saint Martin

7 Essential Items to Pack for a Weekend in Saint Martin


There are few locations on earth that you visit for the weekend and get away with taking just seven items with you, but Saint Martin is definitely one of them. So, forget your wheel-on baggage, leave your trusty backpack in the attic, and grab the only item of luggage you’ll need: your beach bag!

Saint Martin is known for its tasty fusion food, beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and simple barefoot beauty. Packing your seven travel essentials will ensure you spend the perfect, stress-free weekend enjoying the incredible beauty of Saint Martin without wasting time wondering what to wear.

So, before we get into your seven essential items, let’s begin with your bag.

You can’t really go to Saint Martin without an all-purpose beach bag to carry your essentials. This bag should take you from plane, to beach, to bar, so choose something that’s comfortable on your shoulder but stylish, too.

Pack your bag with these seven items and you’ll be well on your way. Don’t forget to leave some extra room for a visit to Saint Martin’s duty-free shops.

1. Hat

Essential for protecting your face from the strong midday sun, a hat can also tie your entire beach look together. Go for a well-made Panama hat as the perfect size to pop in your bag when you’re not using it.

2. Sunscreen

This beautiful volcanic island has a tropical climate, keeping it warm all year round. Protect your skin from harmful rays by packing a good sunblock or cream at no less than factor 30. Choose one with a nice scent that can serve as a perfume too.

3. Sunglasses

No one should ever go to a sunny Caribbean island without at least one pair of sunglasses!

4. Sandals

If you’re taking one pair of shoes, go with a simple leather open-toe sandal or leather flip-flop. This option is ideal for the beach, poolside, dinner, or visiting famous historic sites like Fort Amsterdam.

5. Swimsuit

Saint Martin has some of the best beaches and waters in the world. Whether you’re at Le Galion, Happy Day, Great Bay Beach, or any of Saint Martin’s many luxury hotels, you’ll want to be swim-ready in your favorite bikini.

6. Kaftan

Kaftans are the absolute best vacation item. Not only can you wear them to the beach, they also look chic at lunch, while sipping evening cocktails, or shopping at the markets. And you can even wear this staple with leggings on the plane. Choose a kaftan that’s opaque so you can wear it anywhere.

7. Sarong

Packing a sarong means you’ve got a beach towel, beach cover-up, and evening shawl all in one. Sarongs can also serve as a perfect blanket during the plane ride.

There you have it: the seven essential items to pack for a weekend in Saint Martin. Keep it simple, and enjoy!

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