Ultimate Capsule Packing List for the Dominican Republic

Ultimate Capsule Packing List for the Dominican Republic

Packing for a vacation can be enough to stress out even the most seasoned traveler. In this post, we’re going to show you how to effortlessly create the ultimate capsule packing list for your vacation in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a lush, verdant island. You’ll find jungles and waterfalls, four of the five highest peaks in the Caribbean, and remote, sprawling deserts. The variety of terrain demands a wider selection of attire, but it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style for practicality.

**Tip:** Stick to the same color palette when you pack; you’ll look effortlessly pulled together.

Swimsuit x 2

Bring two swimsuits, this way you can wear one as the other dries. A one-piece swimsuit can also double as a top when paired with some shorts or trousers, adding to your evening or daytime wardrobe. We like this floral one from Seafolly.

Seafolly Escape Floral Plunge Swimsuit

Seafolly Escape Floral Plunge Swimsuit

Sandals x 2

Waterproof flip flops are super easy and you can do pretty much everything in them without worrying that they’ll get ruined! Choose a plain colored pair that will go with everything. Take another pair of sandals that you’re comfortable walking in all day but that also look chic when worn with a pair of trousers or a dress in the evenings.

Like these from Havaianas.

Havaianas Light Rose Flip-flops

Havaianas Light Rose Flip-flops

Shorts x 1

Shorts are great if you go horseback riding or hiking, or even just for a stroll into town. Pick something loose and comfortable but with a fun detail, or perhaps cinched in at the waist, so you can dress them up with a strappy top too.

Like these Denim shorts from Levi’s.

Wedgie Fit Shorts from Levi's

Wedgie Fit Shorts from Levi’s

Strappy top x 3

Take strappy tops you can pair with your shorts or trousers. A nice, simple vest top and two more you can dress up or down. Like this one from Forever 21.

Forever 21 Ribbed Stretch-Knit Cami

Forever 21 Ribbed Stretch-Knit Cami

Dress x 3

You can throw a dress over anything and they’re perfect for the warm weather in the Dominican. Take one maxi dress (great for keeping mosquitoes off at night!), one mid-length for wearing around town, and one shorter day dress. Try this one from Topshop.

Topshop Patchwork Belted Slip Dress

Topshop Patchwork Belted Slip Dress

Trousers x 1

Long, loose trousers are perfect for traveling and also while inland in the Dominican. You’ll keep the mozzies off when visiting the famous cocoa plantations and still keep your cool! We love this pair from Zara.

Zara Floral Print Trousers

Zara Floral Print Trousers

Beach bag x 1

Your beach bag can easily double as the perfect carry-on bag and day bag. Choose something in a lighter material like canvas, with some kind of closing mechanism (either a zip, drawstring, or button) that will keep the contents from spilling out. If you can wear it as a hands-free backpack, even better! Here’s a cute one from Nordstrom.

Nordstrom beach bag

Nordstrom Beach bag

Sunglasses x 1

Protect your eyes from the sun and look like a movie star with your favorite sunnies. These from Warby Parker are awesome.


Margot Sunglasses by Warby Parker

Scarf x 1

A long summer scarf is a super-versatile item. It can double as a sarong, beach towel, travel scarf, or shoulder cover-up in the evenings. You can’t beat Anthropologie for scarves and we like this tangerine colored one in particular.

Anthropologie Tasseled Infinity Scarf

Anthropologie Tasseled Infinity Scarf

That’s it! The ultimate capsule packing list for a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Now you can spend a lot less time worrying about what to pack and have more time to get excited about your trip!


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