Living Well: Extending the Vacation Vibes at Home

Living Well: Extending the Vacation Vibes at Home

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So, you just got back from the beach vacation of a lifetime, and now you’re fantasizing about quitting your job and spending your days in early retirement on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean or Mexico. Many of us who love to travel have had this experience. So what’s the problem? Well, most of us can’t realistically afford to drop everything in our lives and live the lux experience in a far off land. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hold on to some of that tropical feeling and live like you’re still on vacation at home! Here are some of our top tips for extending the vacation vibes of your last killer trip, and living the good life at home.

Give Your Bathroom Spa-Like Flourishes

Your bathroom at home might not naturally be the light-filled, spa-like retreat that your luxury hotel suite boasted on your last vacation. But you can lend even the smallest, darkest bathrooms spa-like appeal with just a few easy touches. Try substituting your worn-through terrycloth bathmat with a bamboo or teak wood variety. Fill the towel racks with plush, white or cream towels, hang a thick bathrobe from the door hook, and add a signature perfume scent to the mix with an essential oil diffuser.

Give Yourself a Version of Turndown Service

Even if you don’t have time to make your bed in the morning, try finding the time to do it when you get home from work, or even just a few minutes before your brush and floss. File this idea under small things that make a big difference! If you’ve ever noticed the difference between slipping into a neatly made bed with cool, crisp sheets and tiredly climbing into a mess of twisted bedding, then you know that this little self-care step can make you feel much more relaxed and ready to slide into sweet dreams. For some bonus aromatherapy, spritz a natural linen spray onto your pillows a few minutes before you lay down.

Be a Weekend Tourist in Your Own Town

What do tourists do when they come to your town? Even if you’re not located in a big city or a major travel destination, your town likely has a tiny house museum you’ve never been to, a beautiful nature walk, a farmer’s market to explore or a great shop district to revisit. Use your weekend time to explore every nook and cranny in the place you call home (and don’t forget to send postcards to your friends and family).

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