St. Kitts/Nevis Travel Guide

Welcome to the St. Kitts/Nevis travel guide.

St. Kitts is an exotic island in the Caribbean, a place to explore the lush tropical paradise and enjoy the best of the South Pacific lifestyle. This upscale Caribbean beach destination is the perfect place to enjoy great food, learn about the history and culture of the area, and enjoy some incredible views of Nevis, the Bay at Basseterre and Peninsula Road. St. Kitts is home to several miles of white sandy beaches and has been deemed one of the most seductive spots in the Caribbean.


The island was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, and was then colonized by the British. It served as one of the major sugar trading destinations and has grown to become one of the most luxurious destinations in the Caribbean. The unspoiled landscapes, uncrowded beaches and tropical forest areas are some of the main draws to the island. It’s also home to several old plantation homes, upscale shopping areas and a handful of tiny towns that have their own personality and charm.


The easiest way to get around St. Kitts is to rent a vehicle. You can rent a luxury car or van, SUV, or even a motor bike to explore the scenic areas around the island and take in the amazing sights. Even if you have an international driver’s license, you will need to obtain a driver’s permit that can be obtained from the Traffic Department. You can take a short 45-minute ferry ride to St. Kitts and Nevis, and will find a total of six ferries operating between the islands on a daily basis. Ferry fares are relatively affordable and can be a fun way to travel back and forth across the island.


St. Kitts and Nevis Weather and Best Time to Visit


The moderate climate year round makes St. Kitts and Nevis an attractive beach destination any time of year. High season typically runs from December through February each year, so you can expect hotel, resort and vacation rental prices to be at an all-time high during these times. The beaches around St. Kitts and Nevis will also be more crowded than other times of the year. Carnival season in February also attracts a large crowd, so you may need to make reservations several months in advance. Low season on this island runs from June through August, so you can expect to find some of the lowest rates on hotels, condos, vacation villas and other rental properties during the summer. Hurricane season typically runs from June through November. If you’re heading here when festivals and events are taking place, you may find that rates on accommodations are higher than usual.


Experience St. Kitts or Nevis


St. Kitts is a peaceful and calm Caribbean destination, a place to explore old sugar colonies, relax at the beach, learn about the local culture and enjoy the tranquil blue waters around the island. It is a volcanic island, so you can enjoy beautiful views of the area thanks to the lineup of mountains and of course, Nevis. The island was originally called Liamuiga, which translates to “fertile land”, because of its rich volcanic soil. The extinct volcano at the center of St. Kitts is now one of the most beautiful landmarks.


During the 1700s, sugar was the most important export of the island and sugar cane grown here encouraged many European settlers to enter the trading industry. Settlers from England, Holland, France and Spain cultivated several sugar plantations on the island in hopes of getting rich, and the sugar grown here was soon used to create everything from rum, to molasses, to large bags of plan sugar. Today, visitors to St. Kitts and Nevis can visit many of the sugar plantations and see old buildings once used by American, British, Dutch and French settlers. The St. Kitts Scenic Railway tour is a great way to see some of the old sugar cane fields and take in the spectacular views of the capital city of Basseterre.


If you want to catch the nightlife scene in St. Kitts, head to The Strip on Frigate Bay. It’s home to several nightclubs, bars and entertainment destinations. From The Monkey Bar to the eDock, you’ll find some great places to party the night away, enjoy some tasty cocktails and listen to live music.


The beaches of St. Kitts are some of the best in the Caribbean. Whether you’re looking for a place to cool off from the hot weather, want to swim in the clear waters, or you want to enjoy dancing and cocktails on the waterfront, you’ll find several great places to settle down in on the peninsula. Friars Bay is a family-friendly beach that will give you a chance to enjoy the best surf on the Atlantic Ocean. Frigate Bay in the South is home to a hotel and restaurant, as well as a sports bar and night club. Sandy Bank is another popular beach destination in St. Kitts, and a top choice for couples looking for a more secluded and romantic spot.


Some of the other popular beaches in St. Kitts include:

  • Turtle Bay

  • White House bay

  • Turtle Beach

  • Frigate Bay

  • Friars Bay

  • Half Moon Bay

  • Pump Bay

  • Dieppe Bay Beach

  • Cockleshell Bay

  • Banana Bay


Whether you’re spending your days lounging on the beach, want to go shopping for an afternoon, are interested in windsurfing and other water sports, or you want to go on an adventure cruise, you’ll find a wealth of activities and excursions to enjoy around the island of St. Kitts and Nevis.