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Boracay Island Beaches--White Beach is the main beach around Boracay island and well-suited for picnicking, snorkeling, diving and other water activities. The island is a sight to behold by day and night and is an attractive destination for exploring the marine life, boating around the clear blue waters and enjoying the sunset. Attend a local festival or event in the area, relax on the sugary white sands or head off on a diving adventure to make the most of your visit.

Northwest Panay Island
Philippine Pesso
3.99 square miles (10.32 square km)
Average annual temperatures range from 70°F to 89°F

Boracay Island, Philippines

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About Boracay Island

Boracay Island is considered to be the beach capital of the Philippines and is home to several miles of stark white sandy beaches. Head here for an unforgettable diving adventure, explore the natural beauty and soak up some sun under the palm trees. From the thriving nightlife scene to the relaxing ambiance on the coast, you'll find plenty to enjoy on this beautiful island in the Philippines. Read Less