Get Ready for the First Music & Comedy Festival on Grand Cayman

Get Ready for the First Music & Comedy Festival on Grand Cayman


The KAABOO brand is a world away from your typical music festival. Having hosted three other festivals in various locations, the brand now moves its magic to Grand Cayman, bringing the first-ever music and comedy festival to the country: KAABOO Cayman.


Courtesy of Alive Coverage, KAABOO Del Mar

What to Expect at KAABOO Cayman

KAABOO was created for adults. There’s no sleeping in tents, walking in mud for days or crappy beer. In fact, the KAABOO brand goes out of its way in its marketing to consistently stress that festival-goers enjoy “clean” and “comfortable” amenities at an “anti-dirt” event in a brand new, specifically-designed event space. Additionally, guests are assured that there are no long hours standing in the sun. There are loads of shaded areas brought in to help you beat the heat while you wait for your next favorite act, as well as plenty of seating areas in common spaces. Oh, and the best part—no port-a-potties.

The festival takes place on easily-accessible, Seven Mile Beach. It’s also close to beautiful beach resorts ranging in pricing, like the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman and the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa.


Courtesy of Alive Coverage, KAABOO Del Mar

KAABOO Cayman Lineup

While you’re enjoying all the comfort and cleanliness that KAABOO prides itself on, you’ll also get to listen to great music, hear world-famous comedians and check a slew of other experiences off your bucket list. Notable musicians performing include The Chainsmokers, Dura Duran, Zedd, Jason Derulo, Bryan Adams, Counting Crows, Blondie and Flo Rida. Comedy headliners include David Spade, Wanda Sykes, Norma Macdonald and Kevin Nealon.


Courtesy of Alive Coverage, KAABOO Del Mar

Beyond this, there are extensive mural and art installations around the event, and if you’re a foodie, you’ll have no end of amazing options. Try local and regional delicacies, sample small-batch specialties and wash it all down with limited-product libations and beers. That’s not all—another unique KAABOO feature is the spa and relaxation zones. Get a massage, hair enhancement or body treatment—they even offer IV nutrient therapy!


Courtesy of Alive Coverage, KAABOO Del Mar

Of course, you can’t go to Grand Cayman and not enjoy the beach. KAABOO has its own beach club, with cabanas for hire and a live DJ, but we also have a few ideas as to the beach activities you could enjoy.


Courtesy of Alive Coverage, KAABOO Del Mar

Upgrade Your KAABOO Experience

While all of the above makes the KAABOO experience unrivaled among average music festivals, you can upgrade the experience for even more fun.

If you indulge in one of the VIP packages, you’ll get special perks like preferred viewing spots, access to a beach lounge and artist lounge, meet and greets, complimentary meals and drinks, shuttle service, private restrooms and a personal concierge.


Courtesy of Alive Coverage, KAABOO Del Mar

The Ultimate Hang Package at KAABOO Cayman

The Ultimate Hang package is the true splurge, though, and comes with front-row seats, on-stage viewing, backstage access, bottomless beverages, cocktail service at your front-row seats, activities with the performers (in the past, these have included going on a wine tasting with P!NK), a lounge with all the snacks and drinks you need, a sit-down dinner and luxury on-demand car service. Yes, please!


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