5 Things to Do on Pearl Island, Bahamas
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5 Things to Do on Pearl Island, Bahamas

Considering a day trip to Pearl Island? If you’ve ever docked in Nassau during a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, you were probably faced with a long list of ways to spend your day. Explore the straw market? Pay a visit to the iconic water park at Atlantis? Scout out the best Instagram spots on the island? There’s a lot to do, but with your limited time, enjoying a good old-fashioned beach day may be the best option.


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When it comes to soaking up the sun in Nassau and making the most of your Caribbean vacation, there’s no place better than Pearl Island to feel like you’re truly in the tropics. Located just a short boat ride from the port in Nassau, this tiny little island packs a whole day’s worth of adventure, great Bahamian eats and fun in the sun—all within the span of a 5-minute walk from end to end. Pearl Island provides all you need for an ultimate beach day and we know the top five things to do during your visit.

Climb the Lighthouse on Pearl Island

The pastel-colored lighthouse on Pearl Island is an easy climb and at just two to three stories high, you won’t be out of breath by the time you get to the top.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the incredibly clear turquoise waters surrounding the island. You’ll be rewarded with a soft breeze and more shades of blue than you ever dreamed possible.


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Grab a Drink at the Beach Bar on Pearl Island

Let down your hair—you’re in the islands! There’s no better way to quench your thirst than by indulging in a Bahamian rum punch or Kalik beer.

The open-air beach bar on Pearl Island sits just off the beach, providing easy access to whatever your taste buds crave. Just make sure to bring cash; drinks run from $3 to $10.

Bask in the Sun or Find a Tiki Hut on Pearl Island

Proving that Pearl Island provides the beach day of your dreams, the island is packed with lounge chairs, tiki huts and ample places for shade or sun.

Grab a spot with a great view and settle in for a long, relaxing day beneath the blazing Caribbean sun or cool off with a dip in the ocean whenever you need it.


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

Watersports on Pearl Island

Pearl Island has a variety of watersports activities and they’re all included in your trip. Set aside time for a guided snorkel tour along the reef just offshore and then kayak or paddleboard around the island.

For even more adventure, swim out to the inflatable trampoline floating just off of the beach. You can jump around, dive into the ocean and or just wear yourself out having the time of your life.


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

Enjoy an Oceanfront Lunch on Pearl Island

Every trip to Pearl Island includes a Bahamian buffet lunch with beautiful ocean views from all sides. Grab a plate and dig into Bahamian classics like oven roasted chicken breast, a golden fish fillet, Bahamian peas n’rice and coleslaw.

Before you leave, make sure to grab your 6″ x 8″ welcome photo so you remember your day at Pearl Island for a lifetime.

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