Ditch the Crowds in Cuba at These 5 Havana Alternatives

Ditch the Crowds in Cuba at These 5 Havana Alternatives

Now that visiting Cuba is easier than ever, you have ample opportunity to explore the island. While Havana is an exciting destination filled with history, bars and a blast-from-the-past feel, you shouldn’t rule out other parts of the island nation—especially if you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path.

The destinations we’ve selected are ideal for getting you far from the usual crowds of tourists in Cuba and into your own private corner of paradise.



Getting there from Havana: Gibara is on the opposite side of the country than Havana. Best reached by flying into Holguin Airport and taking a car to Gibara.

If you’re looking to move at the relaxed pace of rural Cuban life, Gibara offers fresh seafood, scenic beaches and freshwater swimming holes ideal for fishing or idling the day away. As the home of two of Cuba’s biggest film festivals, you can imagine the cinematic views across the town. Colorful buildings, crumbling remnants of the revolution and scenic hillsides are all you need for a postcard-perfect backdrop. Nearby all-inclusive resort Playa Pesquero Resort, Suite & Spa Hotel sits right on white-sand Playa Pesquero with a pool, restaurant, bar and 1000 rooms.

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