Beach Wedding Attire Dos & Don’ts
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Beach Wedding Attire Dos & Don’ts

Non-traditional weddings, like destination weddings and beach weddings, are becoming more and more popular, making it only a matter of time before you receive a beach wedding invite. But with weather conditions and a new setting to consider, what do you wear? Read on for our quick tips on how to nail the beachy-chic look at your next seaside destination wedding.

General Dos & Don’ts for Beach Wedding Attire

It’s All About the Fabric

Yes, it’ll be deliciously hot. And although that comes with a lot of perks—you’ll definitely regret a poor choice of fabric when you’re sitting under the baking sun. Avoid embarrassing sweat marks from materials that cling to you in the heat and leave you counting down to the moment the ceremony ends. Think linen, cotton, fresco wool or even chambray fabrics.

Say No to Dark Colors

Head to toe dark colors are never a good look for a daytime wedding, no matter where it’s held! Stay away from dark colors when deciding what to wear to a beach wedding. This is the perfect occasion to go for neutrals or bright and bold colors and get some highly Instagram-worthy shots against the beautiful beachy backgrounds.

Don’t Forget Sunglasses


A daytime beach ceremony is the perfect choice for sun worshipers everywhere. Although it’s a great opportunity to top up your tan, take along your favorite pair of chic shades if you want a clear view of the happy couple.

Amp Up the Quirk Factor


Beach wedding attire doesn’t need to be as formal as traditional wedding wear. Don’t be afraid to go for a more fun look with bolder colors and statement accessories.

Beach Wedding Attire for Women


Ladies, opt for dresses in lightweight fabrics like linen, lace or organza to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Remember, it gets cooler in the evenings, so take along a light wrap or pashmina for when the temperature dips at night. This can also double up to cover your shoulders when the sun is blazing.

Keep it comfy with the footwear. Heels are never the comfiest at the best of times. And trust us, those beautiful white sands aren’t the greatest match for your favorite stilettos. Stay chic but casual in a pair of stylish wedges or fancier sandals. In the case of a barefoot beach wedding, get your toes painted a color that pops!

Beach Wedding Attire for Men


For all the men out there deciding what to wear for a beach wedding, light-colored linen suits are a safe choice like light gray, khaki and even baby blue. If it’s baking hot, skip the jacket and wear a lightweight shirt with loose-fitting linen pants. Shoe-wise, a pair of chic tan sandals or canvas loafers should do the trick.

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