The Checklist Every Instagram Influencer Should Reference Before Traveling
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The Checklist Every Instagram Influencer Should Reference Before Traveling

For many, getting the best pictures for Instagram is an absolute must when on vacation, and if done correctly, it can increase an account’s following. But don’t be fooled, having everything you need for envy-inducing posts on the go isn’t as effortless and easy as it looks—a good Instagrammer knows to turn up prepared.

Use this Instagram Influencer preparation list to prepare for your next insta-worthy beach vacation and increase your following.


Coordinate Outfits & Accessories

Before you leave, plan your outfits out based on the climate and weather report of your destination. This saves you from overpacking or bringing unnecessary items and helps prepare for a shoot each day if necessary. Having different looks in each picture is essential, too—with so much content out there, wearing the same or similar outfit in all of your pics will lose followers’ interest quickly. By planning ahead, you give them the freshest looks for their vacation season without unnecessary stress or last-minute scrambling.


Paint Your Nails a Color That Matches Most Outfits

We all know a good set of painted nails makes a girl feel good, but little details like matching your nails with your outfit make you look like a pro influencer. After planning your outfits, pick a nail color that matches the majority of them, leaving you looking effortlessly chic in every shot.


Get Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are great for any vacation. They give you a fresh-and-ready-to-go look without the need for any makeup—which is perfect while spending time at the beach or taking photos after a swim.


Get a Spray Tan to Jump-Start the Vacation Glow

The first few days of vacation, especially after a long winter, expose just how pasty you’ve become. A spray tan makes you look like you have been on a beach for weeks, ensuring you are photo-ready the minute you arrive.


Bring A Good Range of Bikinis & Hairstyles

Beach photos often look very similar, but that’s nothing a change in bikinis can’t fix! Showing off different bikinis allows you to take photos on the same beach without your followers losing interest. A range of different hairstyles to match different activities also makes your content appear diverse. Think ponytails or braids for adventurous activities and hair down for more relaxed photos.


Photo Inspiration

Creating Pinterest pages or picture albums with cool photo ideas based on the type of place you are going helps you come up with a range of different poses, props and angles to keep your content diversified and your followers wondering what you are going to do next. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel—if you see an awesome pose or photo you want to recreate, put your own spin on it!


Find Locations on Instagram

Doing research before you go on vacation saves time and money on actively scouting out good spots. Doing a quick Instagram search to see where the best photos were taken gives great locations to shoot and ideas on different shots and poses that have worked well in the past.


Backup Your Photos

On vacation, there’s always a chance that something could happen to your phone. To avoid losing all of your amazing pictures and the planning behind them, back up your photos each day or email the best ones to yourself. That way if the worst happens, you don’t lose all your hard work.

Following these tips will help you look your best, get content your followers will love and grow your account, all while saving plenty of time—which just means more time at the beach.

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