Harrison’s Cave: The Charming Subterranean Gem of Barbados
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Harrison’s Cave: The Charming Subterranean Gem of Barbados

Barbados is a uniquely beautiful coralline island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a warm tropical climate, pristine beaches and rich island history. From the surface, it’s hard to believe that Barbados’ beauty also extends underground, but it has many stunning subterranean caves.

Harrison’s Cave is one of its most intriguing underground formations, said to be one of the natural wonders of the world. This crystallized limestone cave has natural pools, streams, waterfalls and stunning towering rock formations.

Read on to unearth this subterranean gem during your next visit to Barbados!


Courtesy of Michelle Boniface

Why Visit Harrison’s Cave?

The central uplands jungle of Barbados is known as ‘de heart uh Barbados’ to the locals and set beneath this is an otherworldly subterranean landscape so hard to navigate that the extent of its catacombs wasn’t explored until the 20th century. Harrison’s Cave is named after Thomas Harrison, who owned much of the island in the 18th century when Barbados was a British colony.

These days the cave is well-mapped and features a tramway leading visitors right through its underworld abode.

On entering, visitors are met by a reddish subterranean glow and clear pools, which spill into rushing waterfalls that end in deeper pools below. Ancient, towering stalagmite and stalactite rock formations rise on all sides and deep below the waters, and the rocky walls glisten with natural gemstone.

This is truly an otherworldly place!


Courtesy of Tommy Lundberg

Adventure Underneath Barbados

Harrison’s Cave features plenty of tours that take you through the cave on a tramway. Plus, your tour guide allows you to get off and view rock formations and pools from up close at select points. This is a must if you are taking kids!

If independent exploration is more your speed, consider an eco tour where you’ll descend into the catacombs with head lamps and gear. You can even climb the same ladders that explorers did hundreds of years ago!

Harrison’s Cave is located in Allen View in the St. Thomas parish, accessible by bus, taxi or car from Bridgetown, Holetown and Oistins. The cave is open most days, except for national holidays like Christmas or Barbados’ Grand Kadooment.


Courtesy of Tropical Sky

Dining & Accommodations After Harrison’s Cave

After your cave trip, unwind at the appropriately themed Cave Bar & Bistro nearby and relax with a drink at the Valley Floor Bar. Sit back and sip a cocktail made with Barbados’ world-renowned rum while your kids enjoy another cave tour specially tailored for them!

Barbados has lots of other activities for you to enjoy, like exploring Springvale Heritage Museum, touring Barbados’ old sugar plantations and partaking in gully tours that showcasing the island’s tropical flora, fauna and rugged cliffs. You may even see a native green monkey swing by!

If you want to see more caves, there are two large subterranean caves nearby. For accommodations, the stunning all-inclusive beach resort Mango Bay Hotel in Holetown is a must-try. Here you’ll swim under a bridge in a giant pool and enjoy luxurious amenities. The resort offers catamaran sailing, glass bottom boat tours and an island safari.

You’ll relax just enough to plan your next great adventure!

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