Health & Wellness Beach Vacations in Tulum, Mexico

Health & Wellness Beach Vacations in Tulum, Mexico


How does one begin to describe Tulum, Mexico?

Every initial observation demands a deeper look. It’s naturally beautiful, yes, but also home to an artistic spirit bent on creating new beauty wherever possible. It’s visibly hip, flush with beautiful people, some who are famous, and home to boutique hotels always trying to push the envelope of design and comfort. But there’s more to Tulum than the aesthetic. Tulum has made itself stand out among other beach destinations for its dedication to health and wellness. Here are some ideas for your vacation that we promise will be more fun than that last juice cleanse.


Do Yoga on the Beach in Tulum

Going on a vacation doesn’t bring immediate relaxation all the time, and a change of scenery isn’t all it takes to get the weight of day-to-day life off of your mind. But you deserve to decompress and find peace in your travels, and yoga on the beach is a spectacular way of doing so. Yoga studios like Yoga Shala Tulum and Maya Tulum Retreat & Resort are designed with yoga retreats in mind (Maya offers more classes and styles than anywhere else in the city). Other hotels, like Casa Violeta, offer a wide array of yoga options on the beach without making it their central focus. All have something for novices and experts alike.

Wellness Hotels in Tulum

While some hotels put yoga front and center, others accentuate their guest’s wellness in general. Places like Shambala Petit Hotel, Sanará Tulum, and Amansala Yoga & Wellness Resort all offer yoga and yoga retreats but go out of their way to accommodate other wellness needs in their spa programs and relaxing activities. For example, Shambala Petit offers cooking and Spanish classes, and Amansala offers adventures like biking to a secret cenote. Whether it’s yoga and massages or rigorous activities, in Tulum, you get to choose the path to a better you.

Tulum Eco-Hotels

If you’re bettering yourself, why not better the world while you’re at it?

When searching for hotels in Tulum, you may find that some are listed as eco-hotels. And while it’s easy to intuit that this is a good thing for the environment (it is), you may want to know more. Simply put, eco hotels put a great deal of energy into, well, not wasting energy—or anything for that matter. These hotels apply sustainable practices to everything within their accommodating ecosystem. In addition to all the environmental benefits, you get a guilt-free vacation experience!

Azulik Eco Resort

Azulik Eco Resort may be one of the most mystical places you ever stay. The entire resort is lit only by candles and wooden pathways were built specifically to allow the natural foliage to grow freely. This resort definitely adds a little magic to the seemingly normal activities they offer. Its Mystikal Wanders excursions allow you to get the best of Tulum and its rich Maya culture without the crowds of tourists.

Papaya Playa Project

In 2011, Papaya Playa Project joined the scene in Tulum as a place to unwind, meditate and collaborate with like-minded individuals. What makes this sustainable resort stand out is its focus on music. Its amphitheater on the beach is an unforgettable way for guests to come together on the beach and both enjoy music and make their own!

Nomade Tulum

Located right on the main beach in Tulum, Nomade Tulum offers guests a variety of room options to choose from. It’s vegan restaurant, Macando, and Sea Grill, La Popular, are sure to make any vacationer’s mouth water! The Yäan Wellness Energy Spa is located just across the street for when your muscles are in need of a post-yoga massage.

Ahau Tulum

Ahau Tulum offers everything you could hope for in an eco-resort. You expect every Tulum resort to offer yoga, but what about kitesurfing lessons and an actual jungle gym (all workout equipment is made from nature) on the beach? That’s what you can expect at Ahau Tulum. Join the hoards of artists and musicians that head to Tulum every season and have your own extraordinary experience!


Courtesy of La Zebra

All-Natural Dining in Tulum

When you want to live well, eating well is an integral part of the equation. That’s why so many restaurants in Tulum go out of their way to use the highest quality ingredients. Hartwood is one such all-natural restaurant. It is the quintessence of the current dining landscape, with an ever-changing menu based entirely on daily harvests. Its emphasis on sustainability that extends to the management of waste (composting is used with a zero carbon footprint) and the solar powering of lights and sound-systems make it necessary to have a reservation at least a month in advance.

For a more accessible fine dining experience, La Zebra is a hotel and restaurant offering an all-day menu of moderately upscale and all natural Mexican food, always inventively prepared. It also has an 8-course tasting menu in the Chef’s Table experience which is a perfect way to end your trip or celebrate a special occasion. If you’re looking for a more traditional (but no less satisfying) health food experience, there’s Raw Love Cafe. This cafe offers tasty (and always vegan) snacks, breakfast items, sandwiches, smoothies and more. Its unique smoothies and smoothie bowls are some of the best in Tulum so be sure to try one during your visit.


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