Paradise Exists at Rum Point on Grand Cayman

Paradise Exists at Rum Point on Grand Cayman


During your visit to Rum Point, you may experience some form of inner peace while staring into the impeccably blue waters that surround it. The quiet beach lets you bask in the sun-soaked essence of Grand Cayman, while the buzz of the surrounding beach club keeps a celebratory spirit in the air. There’s a reason we can’t stop talking about Rum Point. You won’t be able to either.

Rum Point

Getting to Rum Point

You’re probably wondering if Rum Point is for you and your upcoming beach vacation in Grand Cayman. Luckily, Rum Point is for everyone, offering lots of fun in equal measure for families, couples, groups and solo travelers. The waters are calm, the vibe is relaxed, and it’s easier to get there now more than ever. Recently a ferry service was added to the area, offering exclusive transport between Camana Bay and the Rum Point area. This is ideal for anyone who chooses to stay in the ever-popular western coast of Grand Cayman, which is packed with all-inclusive resorts—a great incentive for making your way out to this tranquil locale.

What to Do at Rum Point

Rum Point is first and foremost a beach destination, known for its serenity and natural beauty, so it’s a good idea to give yourself quality time in the sand and surf. Snorkeling is especially popular in the area, as are sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding and water biking. Conveniently, a Red Sail Sports outpost is on site to provide for all of your equipment rental, activity and water-sports needs. Oh, and you’ll want to try out the local cuisine (more on that below).


Where to Eat at Rum Point

Visit the area and you’ll soon find that the Rum Point Club naturally dominates the food scene. The club offers more of a unique dining experience than your average restaurant, with different stations serving different tastes. There’s the Wreck Bar, where barbecue grills and oceanfront cocktails are the norm. Here, you’ll find casual eats and the main bar serving signature frozen mudslides and an assortment of rare rums and house cocktails. The restaurant itself is known for extensive fine dining and wine options—try the catch of the day simmered in a coconut curry sauce—and offers its own special experience in the form of a Catamaran Ferry complete with a licensed on-board bar (great for pre-dinner drinks).


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